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PM Sensor Project


  1. Discuss a problem. Air quality.
  2. Questions to explore:
  • Why is it a problem? Health: life (animals incl. people); Planet (environment)
  • How to solve? Awareness: monitor (tech) and react (social): civics -> inform -> policy
  1. Class structured around monitoring. Guide students into developing a plan to monitor (see Design Objectives section for ideas)
  2. Provide formal structure (i.e., concepts) as come across them. E.g.:
  • Principles of design. What makes a good design? Useful, simple, attactive, easy to use, cost effective
  • Collaboration. Allow individuals to do deep work focusing on their interests to drive results

Design Objectives

  • Create network of PM measurement nodes for a campus.
  • Data is uploaded to cloud
  • Portable power?
  • Measure at least PM2.5
  • Display on LCD at node
  • Visualize map of PM concentration throughout campus (both in units of concentration and AQI)
  • Should be cost-effective and easy enough for 9th graders to program
    • Use ESP8266, Arduino, or Raspberry Pi?
    • Discuss pros/cons of various setups --> What makes a good design?
  • If a node needs repair, allow for easy fixes; repairs should be robust to availability of parts
  • Place inside nodes near filters to allow for monitoring of filter efficacy
  • Allow for comparison of inside nodes to outside nodes to monitor efficacy of indoor filtering in general

Project Ideas

  • What are the impacts of PM? Biological/physiological/health effects? How is life expectancy affected? What are causes of high PM? What can be done to reduce?
  • AQI. What is AQI? How is it defined? Why is it defined how it is? How to translate sensor data into AQI?
  • Sensor data calibration. How to do it?: Discuss standards and validation. Why to do it?: What is truth?
  • Interpreting measurements. How to get usable data (e.g., filtering, processing, etc.)? What to average over what time period to compare to what limits?
  • Learn about human factors design in the context of repairability/maintainability. Create tutorial for anyone to be able to troubleshoot and fix


What have you learned about design? Why is it important to you?



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