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Andrei-George Hondrari - Remarkable code samples

Remarkable code samples - Andrei G. Hondrari

Data processing


Code structure



Web animation, drawing and filters

Advanced Python features that I’ve explored extensively

as seen in: include:

  • coroutines
  • mutability vs immutability
  • function and class decorators, simple as well as parametrized
  • context managers
  • packaging
  • function caching
  • partials
  • decimal vs floating point arithmetic and fractions
  • multithreading and multiprocessing
  • weakreferences
  • type hinting
  • dataclasses
  • contextvars
  • dynamic importing
  • enums
  • metaprogramming
  • abstract inheritance, mixins and method resolution order
  • argparse
  • pickle – object serializatiion
  • regex
  • json and csv
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