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% Credit to Rosetta Code [1] with some modifications
% [1]:
% Unifies V with 'yes' if D divides evenly into N, 'no' otherwise.
divisible_by(N, D, Result) :-
( 0 is N mod D -> Result = yes
; Result = no).
% N, /3?, /5?, Result
fizzbuzz_text(_, yes, yes, 'FizzBuzz').
fizzbuzz_text(_, yes, no, 'Fizz').
fizzbuzz_text(_, no, yes, 'Buzz').
fizzbuzz_text(N, no, no, N).
% Print 'Fizz', 'Buzz', 'FizzBuzz' or N as appropriate.
fizzbuzz(Number) :-
divisible_by(Number, 3, IsFizz),
divisible_by(Number, 5, IsBuzz),
fizzbuzz_text(N, IsFizz, IsBuzz, Result),
format("~p -> ~p~n", [Number, Result]).
main :-
foreach(between(1, 100, N), fizzbuzz(N)).
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