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An implementation of String Search using the SDS Library.
import sds
import random
import functools
def microtest(hyp, offset, search_space, model):
""" Performs a partial evaluation of a hypothesis.
- hyp: A location in the search space.
- offset: The part of the hypothesis to be evaluated.
- search_space: The full search space.
- model: The target to be found in the search space.
Returns True if search_space[hyp + offset] == model[offset]
search_space_index = hyp + offset
return (
search_space_index < len(search_space) # avoid out of bounds index errors
and search_space[search_space_index] == model[offset]
def make_microtests(search_space, model):
""" Generate a list of functions representing all the partial evaluations
for the given search space and model.
search_space: The large search space string.
model: The small target string.
Returns a list of functions: (hyp) -> Boolean
return [
microtest, offset=offset, search_space=search_space, model=model
for offset in range(len(model))
def main():
agent_count = 50
rng = random.Random()
max_iterations = 100
model = "hello"
search_space = "xxxxxhexlodxxxsakllajadsweklhheaekfjllkahelehlehlehlexxx"
swarm = sds.Swarm(agent_count=agent_count)
microtests = make_microtests(search_space, model)
hypotheses = range(len(search_space))
# DH is the mode of hypothesis selection.
# DH_uniform is uniformly random hypothesis selection.
DH = sds.DH_uniform(hypotheses=hypotheses, rng=rng)
# D is the mode of diffusion.
# D_passive is passive diffusion.
D = sds.D_passive(DH=DH, swarm=swarm, rng=rng)
# TM is the mode of microtest selection.
# TM_uniform is uniformly random microtest selection.
TM = sds.TM_uniform(microtests, rng=rng)
# T is the mode of testing.
# T_boolean is boolean testing.
T = sds.T_boolean(TM=TM)
# I is the mode of iterations.
# I_sync is synchronous iteration.
I = sds.I_sync(D=D, T=T, swarm=swarm)
# H is the mode of halting.
# H_fixed is fixed number of iterations halting.
H = sds.H_fixed(iterations=max_iterations)
# SDS executes the variant defined as a combination of I and H
sds.SDS(I=I, H=H)
# The state of the swarm is now updated
print("All clusters", swarm.clusters.most_common())
print("Largest cluster", swarm.largest_cluster)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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