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Last active February 17, 2019 19:34
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Somewhat contrived CTF problem
import hashlib
import random
from Crypto.Cipher import AES
#Find These At
pwds = [pwd.strip() for pwd in f]
#format ninja{...}
thispassword = random.choice(pwds), AES.MODE_ECB)
ct = cipher.encrypt(flag).encode('hex')
assert(cipher.decrypt(ct.decode('hex')) == flag)
def stretch(password, salt, iterations):
for r in range(iterations):
final = hashlib.sha256(final + password+salt).digest()
return final.encode('hex')
print "Stored in our database:", stretch(thispassword, "saltysalty", 5)
print "Encrypted Flag:",ct
Stored in our database: 22f2474bd416be6face5483ba5f4df44c5e22c9e8776bd3cdf109b12d5c9a699
Encrypted Flag: e82f6c5702f4c9c549cbee3fc6fbfb9ab9c27364b4471d22cb0feb628284cb30
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