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How to split a bidirectional road to the road with separate ways in each direction

java openstreetmap editor 2017-02-14 14-12-52

This road have to be spitted on two ways for dual carriage way road.

We need to get installed Relation Toolbox plugin. It will help us to deal with relations.

Take a look on relation

java openstreetmap editor 2017-02-14 14-23-51


feb-14-2017 14-47-31

After we get familiar with all relations we may to start.

In this case all relations are route=road that is simplest situation.

Find place where need to split the road on two ways. Here is

java openstreetmap editor 2017-02-14 14-54-35

Split the road on two separate ways. Existing way we place for one direction and add oneway=yes tag, trace a new way for opposite direction; copy tags from existing way to the new way. Main purpose of copying tags is to transfer name, highway tags and accompanying to them information on to a new way. Further we will review and adjust tagging for each direction accordingly.

java openstreetmap editor 2017-02-14 15-11-05

Adding new way into existing relations:

  • select relation on the existing way in Relation Toolbox;
  • select new way and click to add it into selected relation;
  • repeat ☝️ this steps for all route relations from the list.

feb-14-2017 15-19-05

To check if the all ways are members of relation select relation in Relation Toolbox. It highlights selected relations and allows to see if there are missing segments.

feb-14-2017 15-33-01

Splitting on two ways is finished and you'll need to review and assign appropriate tags (lanes, turn:lanes and so on) on the segments of the roads.

If the relation did not have errors and omissions before making our changes it will remain valid after our edits.

But if you have a wish and time you may download whole relation and review it.

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