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Created Jan 15, 2022
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Python script to find pi to the Nth digit
from math import factorial
from decimal import Decimal, getcontext
# Chudnovsky algorithm for figuring out pi
pi_input = input('How many digits of pi would you like?')
n = int(pi_input)
def cal(n):
t= Decimal(0)
pi = Decimal(0)
deno= Decimal(0)
for k in range(n):
t = ((-1)**k)*(factorial(6*k))*(13591409+545140134*k)
deno = factorial(3*k)*(factorial(k)**3)*(640320**(3*k))
pi += Decimal(t)/Decimal(deno)
pi = pi * Decimal(12) / Decimal(640320 ** Decimal(1.5))
pi = 1/pi
return round(pi,n)
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