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Nightingale locales.xml example for distributing langpacks
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SongbirdInstallBundle version="2">
<XPI name="Afrikaans" id="" languageTag="af" url=""/>
<XPI name="عربي" id="" languageTag="ar" url=""/>
<XPI name="Български" id="" languageTag="bg" url=""/>
<XPI name="বাংলা (ভারত)" id="" languageTag="bn-IN" url=""/>
<XPI name="Català" id="" languageTag="ca" url=""/>
<XPI name="Čeština" id="" languageTag="cs" url=""/>
<XPI name="Cymraeg" id="" languageTag="cy" url=""/>
<XPI name="Dansk" id="" languageTag="da" url=""/>
<XPI name="Deutsch" id="" languageTag="de" url=""/>
<XPI name="Dhivehi" id="" languageTag="dv" url=""/>
<XPI name="Ελληνικά" id="" languageTag="el" url=""/>
<XPI name="English (British)" id="" languageTag="en-GB" url=""/>
<XPI name="Esperanto" id="" languageTag="eo" url=""/>
<XPI name="Español (de Argentina)" id="" languageTag="es-AR" url=""/>
<XPI name="Español (de España)" id="" languageTag="es-ES" url=""/>
<XPI name="Eesti keel" id="" languageTag="et" url=""/>
<XPI name="Euskara" id="" languageTag="eu" url=""/>
<XPI name="فارسی" id="" languageTag="fa" url=""/>
<XPI name="suomi" id="" languageTag="fi" url=""/>
<XPI name="føroyskt" id="" languageTag="fo" url=""/>
<XPI name="Français" id="" languageTag="fr" url=""/>
<XPI name="Frysk" id="" languageTag="fy-NL" url=""/>
<XPI name="Gaeilge" id="" languageTag="ga-IE" url=""/>
<XPI name="Galego" id="" languageTag="gl" url=""/>
<XPI name="עברית" id="" languageTag="he" url=""/>
<XPI name="Hrvatski" id="" languageTag="hr" url=""/>
<XPI name="magyar" id="" languageTag="hu" url=""/>
<XPI name="Հայերեն" id="" languageTag="hy-AM" url=""/>
<XPI name="Bahasa Indonesia" id="" languageTag="id" url=""/>
<XPI name="íslenska" id="" languageTag="is" url=""/>
<XPI name="Italiano" id="" languageTag="it" url=""/>
<XPI name="日本語" id="" languageTag="ja" url=""/>
<XPI name="ქართული" id="" languageTag="ka" url=""/>
<XPI name="한국어" id="" languageTag="ko" url=""/>
<XPI name="Kurdî" id="" languageTag="ku" url=""/>
<XPI name="Kernewek" id="" languageTag="kw" url=""/>
<XPI name="lietuvių kalba" id="" languageTag="lt" url=""/>
<XPI name="Latviešu" id="" languageTag="lv" url=""/>
<XPI name="Македонски" id="" languageTag="mk" url=""/>
<XPI name="Norsk bokmål" id="" languageTag="nb-NO" url=""/>
<XPI name="Nederlands" id="" languageTag="nl" url=""/>
<XPI name="Norsk nynorsk" id="" languageTag="nn-NO" url=""/>
<XPI name="Polski" id="" languageTag="pl" url=""/>
<XPI name="Português (do Brasil)" id="" languageTag="pt-BR" url=""/>
<XPI name="Português (Europeu)" id="" languageTag="pt-PT" url=""/>
<XPI name="română" id="" languageTag="ro" url=""/>
<XPI name="Русский" id="" languageTag="ru" url=""/>
<XPI name="slovenčina" id="" languageTag="sk" url=""/>
<XPI name="Slovenščina" id="" languageTag="sl" url=""/>
<XPI name="Shqip" id="" languageTag="sq" url=""/>
<XPI name="Српски" id="" languageTag="sr" url=""/>
<XPI name="Svenska" id="" languageTag="sv-SE" url=""/>
<XPI name="தமிழ்" id="" languageTag="ta" url=""/>
<XPI name="ไทย" id="" languageTag="th" url=""/>
<XPI name="Türkçe" id="" languageTag="tr" url=""/>
<XPI name="Українська" id="" languageTag="uk" url=""/>
<XPI name="Tiếng Việt" id="" languageTag="vi" url=""/>
<XPI name="中文 (简体)" id="" languageTag="zh-CN" url=""/>
<XPI name="正體中文 (繁體)" id="" languageTag="zh-TW" url=""/>
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