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Last active Sep 6, 2015
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#TechPoniesAfterDark Rules and Info
We seriously have TWO AND A HALF ACTUAL RULES. Are they that hard to follow? I think not.
[1] Don't be a dick. Ops collectively define what a /dick/ is, within reason.
[1.5] No racial, homophobic, or other offensive slurs, DIRECTED AT SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF WITH THE INTENTION OF OFFENDING THEM.
Jokes are fine as long as they are directed at yourself, at nobody, or at a friend who you know prior is OK with this,
and if said joke is obviously not intended to offend anybody. If your joke causes offense to the person it is directed at,
this is considered a violation of this rule.
If you break this rule, you will be kicked, and if you repeatedly break it, you will be temporarily muted and/or possibly temporarily or permanently banned.
[2] Channel notices (in the form /NOTICE #TechPoniesAfterDark Message here) are banned, including for channel operators.
Other info:
derpy is a markov-ish chatbot with some other useless commands.
Chance is a bmotion bot.
We have WAY TOO MANY mail bots. Derpy is preferred for mail.
Use !mail nicknamehere messagehere, or if that ends up triggering something that's not derpy, then use !dmail with the same syntax.
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jmusbach commented Mar 7, 2014

pone pone

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