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Last active August 22, 2019 08:14
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CSS Junior I example questions


  • what is the difference between <div>, <span> and <p>
  • what is <input> and what types it can have
  • how to work with BEM
  • do all HTML tags have closing tags
  • how to link to the section within the same page
  • write a table with 3 columns and 2 rows
  • how many <h> elements are in html
  • types of lists in HTML
  • <b> vs <strong>
  • inline vs inline-block
  • what happens when you nest <a> inside another <a>


  • tell me about box model
  • what are magic numbers?
  • what CSS stand for and what it means
  • name basic selectors
  • how to center vertically / horizontally
  • how to center a modal?
  • how to add same rules to multiple selectors at once
  • when to use floats
  • which CSS properties are inheritable
  • em and rem difference
  • how to override inline styles
  • what units do we have in CSS?
  • how to check element's default styles?
  • what is required for top: 10px to work?
  • positioning types and their differences
  • is setting background: red a good practise?
  • what is specificity and how it's calculated?


  • what flex: 1 1 50% means?
  • flexbox vs floats
  • default value of flex parameter, what it means and when it’s added
  • how to set width to elements with display: flex on parent


  • what is SASS
  • what are SASS variables
  • SASS vs SCSS
  • what does the & do in SASS?
  • placeholder vs mixin
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