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* Created by arneball on 2014-05-08.
import java.util.{List => JList}
import retrofit.client.Response
import retrofit.http.{Path, GET}
import retrofit.{RetrofitError, Callback, RestAdapter}
import collection.JavaConversions._
object RetroFit extends App {
implicit def fun2cb[T >: Null](pf: Either[RetrofitError, T] => Unit) = new Callback[T]{
override def success(p1: T, p2: Response): Unit = pf(Right(p1))
override def failure(p1: RetrofitError): Unit = pf(Left(p1))
val ghService = new RestAdapter.Builder().setEndpoint("").build().create(classOf[GithubService])
val callback: Callback[JList[Repo]] = fun2cb{
case Right(success) =>
val scalaRepos = success.filter{ _.language.toLowerCase == "scala" }.mkString("\n")
println("Got scala repos " + scalaRepos)
case Left(RetroError(401, _)) =>
throw new Exception("UnAuthorized")
case Left(RetroError(code, _)) =>
throw new Exception("Got error code " + code)
ghService.listRepos("arneball", callback)
object RetroError {
def unapply(r: RetrofitError) = Some(r.getResponse.getStatus, r.getBody.toString)
trait GithubService {
def listRepos(@Path("user") user: String, cb: Callback[JList[Repo]])
case class Repo(name: String, git_url: String, language: String)
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