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@ArtemGr ArtemGr/output.txt
Created Aug 12, 2016

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BashOnWindows issue 861
Output {
status: ExitStatus(ExitStatus(0)),
stdout: "\r\nC:\\Users\\Artemciy\\Downloads>echo foo \r\nfoo\r\n\r\nC:\\Users\\Artemciy\\Downloads>bash --help \r\n\u{1e}\u{4}H\u{4}8\u{4}1\u{4}:\u{4}0\u{4}:\u{0} \u{0}0\u{0}x\u{0}8\u{0}0\u{0}0\u{0}7\u{0}0\u{0}0\u{0}0\u{0}6\u{0}\r\u{0}\r\u{0}\n\u{0}\r\nC:\\Users\\Artemciy\\Downloads>echo bar \r\nbar\r\n",
stderr: "" }
echo foo
bash --help
echo bar
fn main() {
use std::process::Command;
let output = Command::new("test_bash_bat.bat").output().expect("failed to execute process");
println! ("{:?}", output);
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