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Query for Azure Analysis Services Diagnostics Logs in Kusto Query Language
let window = AzureDiagnostics
| where ResourceProvider == "MICROSOFT.ANALYSISSERVICES" and Resource =~ "<MyServerName>" and DatabaseName_s =~ "<MyDatabaseName>"
| where OperationName !hasprefix "Discover" and OperationName !hasprefix "VertiPaq" and OperationName !hasprefix "LogMetric"
| where TimeGenerated > ago(14d);
| extend DurationMs=extract(@"([^,]*)", 1,Duration_s, typeof(long))
| project TimeGenerated,RootActivityId_g, ResourceId, OperationName, DatabaseName_s, level_d, EventClass_s, EventSubclass_s, StartTime_t, EndTime_t, ProgressTotal_s, ObjectReference_s, ObjectName_s, ObjectID_s, ObjectPath_s, Duration_s, CPUTime_s, Severity_s, Success_s, Error_s, TextData_s,DurationMs
| order by TimeGenerated desc
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