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Sublime text useful settings and shortcut keys
ctrl + r - to find css classes/IDs easily in a css file
ctrl + j - to align multiple lines into single line . mainly useful for single line css
ctrl + L - Select a line.
ctrl + D - Select a word/ duplicate a word or line(s)
ctrl + P - find any file on your project folder in fraction of second
ctrl + space - autocomplete for codes respectively
ctrl + / - comment purpose
ctrl + F - for normal search
ctrl + shift + F - Advanced search
ctrl + shift + G - wrap a text or codes
Alt + shift + W - also wraps text or codes
crtl + shift + a -Selecting Everything Inside an HTML Tag
ctrl + shift + k - Deleting Lines
ctrl+shift+up/down - while arrange html tags it will be useful
"font_size": 14,
"tab_size": 2,
"word_wrap": true
wrap and highlight matches in search
package control install
sass plugin
bootstrap snippets
html css js pretify
code formatter for html,css,php,js,scss
Atom theme
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