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Discount rules: Skip an item from calculating subtotal for price rules
function woo_discount_rules_skip_item_to_calculate_subtotal_for_price_rules_free_products($include_item, $cart_item, $rule){
$product_ids_to_exclude = array(10, 24);//ENTER THE PRODUCT IDS to exclude from calculating subtotal
if(isset($cart_item['data']) && !empty($cart_item['data'])){
$_product = $cart_item['data'];
$product_id = $_product->get_id();
if(in_array($product_id, $product_ids_to_exclude)){
$include_item = false;
return $include_item;
add_filter('woo_discount_rules_skip_item_to_calculate_subtotal_for_price_rules', 'woo_discount_rules_skip_item_to_calculate_subtotal_for_price_rules_free_products', 10, 3);
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