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using Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.TenantAdministration;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client;
using OfficeDevPnP.Core.Sites;
using (ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext(<TenantAdminUrl>))
// create new "modern" team site at the url
// https://[tenant]
string alias = taskParam.TargetWebUrl.Substring(Url.LastIndexOf('/') + 1);
// Before creating let's make sure the site doesn't exist
bool exists = false;
Task existtask = Task.Run(async () => exists = await ctx.AliasExistsAsync(alias));
if (!exists)
log.Info("Creating site with a new Async method");
TeamSiteCollectionCreationInformation teamSiteCreation = new TeamSiteCollectionCreationInformation();
// Provide the team site para
teamSiteCreation.Alias = <GroupAlias>;
teamSiteCreation.DisplayName = <WebTitle>;
teamSiteCreation.IsPublic = <true or false>;
teamSiteCreation.Description = <Description>;
ClientContext teamcontext = ctx.CreateSiteAsync(teamSiteCreation).GetAwaiter().GetResult();
teamcontext.Load(teamcontext.Web, w => w.Lists, w => w.Url);
//Call the Ensure Site Assets Library method to initialize the Site Assets library
log.Info("The site has been successfully created at: " + teamcontext.Web.Url);
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