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Thanks to Shahar Evron for this script.
#!/usr/bin/env python
Send memory usage metrics to Amazon CloudWatch
This is intended to run on an Amazon EC2 instance and requires an IAM
role allowing to write CloudWatch metrics. Alternatively, you can create
a boto credentials file and rely on it instead.
Original idea based on
(c) 2015 Shahar Evron, all rights reserved;
You are free to use, modify and redistribute this software in any form
under the conditions described in the LICENSE file included.
import sys
import re
from boto.ec2 import cloudwatch
from boto.utils import get_instance_metadata
def collect_memory_usage():
meminfo = {}
pattern = re.compile('([\w\(\)]+):\s*(\d+)(:?\s*(\w+))?')
with open('/proc/meminfo') as f:
for line in f:
match = pattern.match(line)
if match:
# For now we don't care about units (
meminfo[] = float(
return meminfo
def send_multi_metrics(instance_id, region, metrics, namespace='EC2/Memory',
Send multiple metrics to CloudWatch
metrics is expected to be a map of key -> value pairs of metrics
cw = cloudwatch.connect_to_region(region)
cw.put_metric_data(namespace, metrics.keys(), metrics.values(),
dimensions={"InstanceId": instance_id})
if __name__ == '__main__':
metadata = get_instance_metadata()
instance_id = metadata['instance-id']
region = metadata['placement']['availability-zone'][0:-1]
mem_usage = collect_memory_usage()
mem_free = mem_usage['MemFree'] + mem_usage['Buffers'] + mem_usage['Cached']
mem_used = mem_usage['MemTotal'] - mem_free
if mem_usage['SwapTotal'] != 0 :
swap_used = mem_usage['SwapTotal'] - mem_usage['SwapFree'] - mem_usage['SwapCached']
swap_percent = swap_used / mem_usage['SwapTotal'] * 100
swap_percent = 0
metrics = {'MemUsage': mem_used / mem_usage['MemTotal'] * 100,
'SwapUsage': swap_percent }
send_multi_metrics(instance_id, region, metrics)
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