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Intel Colfax Cluster - Targeting a Specific Instruction Set / Intel Processor Architecture

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The standard way to compile a C++ source code ( into a binary (hello) with the Intel C++ Compiler looks like this:

icpc -o hello

To make the compiled binary a bit more optimized to run on an Intel processor specific architecture, it is recommended to add a flat to indicate the target specfic instruction set. Concretely:

If binary is targeted to run on a bootable version of Xeon Phi (Host) Processor, we add the -xMIC-AVX512 in the command:

icpc -xMIC-AVX512 -o hello


  • -xMIC-AVX512 is for the bootable version of Intel Xeon Phi processors
  • -xCORE-AVX512 is for Intel Xeon scalable processors (formerly Skylake)

See this Intel Doc for the full list of compiler option. Page 5 shows all the Recommended Processor-Specific Optimization Options.

Here is a snapshot borrowed from a Colfax Research Slide for ease of quick references:


A Note

In some of my earlier articles when I didn't know about the recommended processor specific optimization options, it is very possible I might have omitted the -xMIC-AVX512 flag when compiling a binary to run on a Xeon Phi processor. I should have, in hindsight, for further optimization.

Intel Colfax Cluster - Notes - Index Page

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