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Shell script that will switch to your blog directory, start a testing Hugo server, wait for it to begin, and then connect it to the Internet via a free Cloudflare Argo Tunnel.
trap "exit" INT TERM ERR
trap "kill 0" EXIT
# These lines make sure that the Hugo server and the Argo Tunnel processes are killed when you ctrl+c the terminal window.
cd /Users/samrhea/blog-samrhea
# This changes the directory to where my blog lives. Replace this with your own by running `pwd` in your blog directory and adding the output here.
hugo server -D &
# This starts a web server on port 1313 that runs the current edition of my Hugo blog.
sleep 3s
# This prevents a race condition where the tunnel would attempt to connect before the Hugo server was ready
cloudflared tunnel --url localhost:1313 &
# This creates a free Argo Tunnel and proxies requests to that port.
# Make sure that you make this file executable first
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