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AveYo / .. MediaCreationTool.bat .md
Last active Mar 28, 2020
Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper for all MCT Windows 10 versions from 1607 to 1909 with business (Enterprise) edition support
View .. MediaCreationTool.bat .md

Preview1 Preview2

Update: adjusted script for easy splitting into a lite version (only missing generating RS1/RS2 business entries)

2018.10.10: reinstated 1809 [RS5]! using native xml patching for products.xml; fixed syntax bug with exit/b
2018.10.12: added data loss warning for RS5
2018.11.13: RS5 is officially back! + greatly improved choices dialog - feel free to use the small snippet in your own scripts
2019.05.22: 1903 [19H1]
2019.07.11: 1903 __release_svc_refresh__ and enable DynamicUpdate by default to grab latest CU
AveYo / @ batch scripts for power
Last active Mar 27, 2020
Windows batch scripts for power users
View @ batch scripts for power

windows_update_toggle.bat v10.1 final
~ one script to rule them all!
~ block build upgrades and/or automatic updates without breawking Store downloads and Defender protection updates
~ there is a lot of focus on Defender updates working independently, unlike any other updates "management" solution
~ ifeo safe blocking with no destructive changes of ownership, deleting files, removing tasks, or over-blocking
~ toggle everything from the Desktop right-click context menu!
but wait, there is more:
~ hide/unhide/install update lists with counter at the Desktop right-click context menu!

Previous update toggle batch suite scripts have been overwritten on pastebin, but will still be available here:

AveYo / ..runasTI.bat
Last active Mar 15, 2020
Lean and Mean runas TrustedInstaller / System compact snippet to easily integrate in your batch scripts
View ..runasTI.bat
@echo off & title AveYo`s :runasTI snippet usage showcase (final)
:: First handle command line parameters (for example via Send to) to run as TrustedInstaller AllPrivileges
if /i "%~dp0" equ "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo\" call :runasTI 1 %* &exit/b
echo Fully portable, compact, plain-text runas TrustedInstaller or SYSTEM snippet v20191010
echo ========================================================================================
echo - now also supports short common programs names such as cmd, regedit, powershell..
echo - now sets console buffer so that the scrollbars are visible!
AveYo / !
Last active Feb 2, 2020
A High Contrast based neutral / less blues tone Windows Dark / Light Theme by AveYo
AveYo / .Close_Handles_ContextMenu.bat
Last active Jan 23, 2020
'Close Handles' context menu to unlock files or folders -
View .Close_Handles_ContextMenu.bat
@echo off &Title 'Close Handles' context menu to unlock files or folders by AveYo v2019.09.27
:: changelog: fix dl; add /accepteula; check S-1-5-19 for admin; ask for admin rights to catch system handles; auto-hide window
:: add_remove whenever script is run again
reg query "HKCU\Software\Classes\Directory\shell\CloseHandles" /v MuiVerb >nul 2>nul && (
reg delete HKCU\Software\Classes\Directory\shell\CloseHandles /f >nul 2>nul
reg delete HKCU\Software\Classes\Drive\shell\CloseHandles /f >nul 2>nul
reg delete HKCU\Software\Classes\*\shell\CloseHandles /f >nul 2>nul
color 0c &echo. &echo REMOVED! Run script again to add 'Close Handles' context menu
timeout /t -1 &color 0f &title %COMSPEC% &exit/b
AveYo / .FreeStandbyMemory.bat
Last active Nov 14, 2019
FreeStandbyMemory.bat - ninja edits at
View .FreeStandbyMemory.bat
/* 2>nul || title FreeStandbyMemory.bat by AveYo v2019.06.01
@echo off|| csc compiling snippet, advanced schedule, builtin add_remove - UPDATE: reliable free memory detection
:: check_admin_rights
reg query "HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\Environment" /v TEMP >nul 2>nul || (
color 0e & echo. & echo PERMISSION DENIED! Right-click %~nx0 ^& Run as administrator
AveYo / win10colors.cmd
Last active Sep 28, 2019 — forked from mlocati/win10colors.cmd
ANSI Colors in standard Windows 10 shell
View win10colors.cmd
@echo off
title Windows 10 native ANSI colors fast and compact macro setup by AveYo - just replace ECHO with %%@%% and ^<ESC^> with @
:: Initiate macro just once
call :@echo
:: [screenonly] [processed escape sequences]
%@% @^^[101;93m @[101;93m STYLES
%@% @^^[0m @[0m Reset
%@% @^^[1m @[1m Bold
%@% @^^[4m @[4m Underline
AveYo / .Classic-Shell or Open-Shell StartMenu optimized settings.xml
Last active Sep 23, 2019
Optimized Classic-Shell or Open-Shell StartMenu settings.xml
View .Classic-Shell or Open-Shell StartMenu optimized settings.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
Optimized Classic-Shell or Open-Shell StartMenu Settings by AveYo v2018.11.13
import via Programs - Classic Shell - Classic Start Menu Settings - Backup - Load from XML file..
links: or
Search Settings quickfix available at
AveYo / multiple_gui_choices.bat
Last active Apr 5, 2019
Simple GUI helpers for batch files
View multiple_gui_choices.bat
@echo off &title Multiple GUI choices via powershell snippet by AveYo &rem preview:
:: setup gui dialog choices
set all_choices=Option 1,Option 2,Option 3,Option4,Option5
set def_choices=Option 1,Option 2,Option5
:: Show gui dialog choices 1=title 2=all_choices 3=def_choices 4=output_variable
call :choices "Multiple GUI choices" "%all_choices%" "%def_choices%" CHOICES
:: Quit if no choice selected
if not defined CHOICES color 0c &echo ERROR! No choice selected.. &timeout /t 20 &color 07 &exit/b
:: Print choices
echo Choices: %CHOICES% & echo.
AveYo / Take_Ownership_Advanced_Context_Menu.reg
Created Aug 14, 2018
View Take_Ownership_Advanced_Context_Menu.reg
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
; Take_Ownership_Advanced_Context_Menu.reg by AveYo v2018-07-19
; =================================================================================================================================
; GAIN ACCESS: Inherit from parent: YES, Owner = current user, Owner Rights = Modify
; GAIN EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: Inherit from parent: NO, Owner = current user, Owner Rights = FullControl
; USERS GAIN EXCLUSIVE ACCESS FOR NEW FILES: Inherit from parent: NO, Owner = Authenticated Users, Owner Rights = FullControl
; CLEAR GAINED ACCESS: Inherit from parent: YES, Owner = Inherited or Administrators, Authenticated Users = Inherited or Modify
; =================================================================================================================================
; Single context menu entry added for files, folders (except C:\Windows etc.) and drives (except C:) with the 4 choices above
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