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Fabricord’s fall from grace:

How to not hold a community and its administration accountable 101

tw// transphobia, homophobia, mentions of rape and paedophilia

These topics will continue to be referenced throughout the gist.

I must note, the names here are uncensored for the sake of context and proof. Accountability is not harassment. Don't harass people. Not in my name, not at all.

Beating a dead horse: Vatuu Komalia

I get it. If you are on the server you have heard about this at least once.

But for the sake of context, I will do a quick recap of the situation.

November 11th, 2019

The users Vatuu Komalia#4428, Snhupbups#5838, Yoghurt4C#0258 and NuclearFarts#1362 engage in a conversation about the acceptance of "sexualities", which eventually culminates in this exchange:

img1 img2 img3

Vatuu remains with no punishment for 6 months, until May 3rd-ish 2020 (last messages I could find), when he is finally banned from Fabricord...

Only to be unbanned 4 months later, September 13th 2020, with no apology provided, and continuing to show queerphobic behaviour on the server.


This event will be referred to by the community as "Drama Day", and it will be our starting point for this gist.

A more in-depth report of this incident can be found in this Twitter thread.

The skeleton crew

The Vatuu situation should not be seen as a standalone event, but rather both the last straw, and a clear cut example of how the moderation team approached (and continues to approach) discrimination on the server.

This wasn't the first time this type of conversation happened (see: Yoghurt4C and homophobia, Jared and the Reddit), and certainly not the last as to January 2021 (see 2: allowing the mockery of pronouns, misgendering, people saying trans folk should consider "getting cured" and going without punishment, calling a trans woman in chat a man and receiving a mute, etc.).

So, what happens when a solid part of the moderation team seems to not only disregard queerphobia, but enable it?

The other part resigns.

September 13th, 2020. B0undarybreaker, in #moderator-messages (for example purposes)

Effective immediately, I am fully resigned as a moderator. I've had emergency moderation powers for a while, but I'm done investing my time and emotional labor into this community. Thank you for the support over the years. For transparency's sake, here are my parting words to the rest of the moderation team: img4

Fabricord, a server of -at the time- 9 thousand people, is left with 5 moderators and 2 ghost admins.

September 15th, 2020: Let them eat cake

Throughout the course of this week gdude#2002, the newest moderator in the server, puts the server through a revamp, under the promise of structural change

Thus, the rules are completely rewritten, community guidelines are put in place, and #discord-meta is created as a way for users to let moderators know what is bothering them about the server.

September 24th, 2020

This last change went south really really fast.

The community, now being allowed a space to suggest and complain, starts asking about moderation protocols and set punishments for specific offenses; Among those, how will the team approach discrimination under the new ruleset (within the context of Vatuu's unban, that had happened 10 days prior).


Player#4590, now appointed as "the one to unban Vatuu", comes out with this explanation: img6

[...] according to my logs/data, difficult to paint in such a bad light as you are. The statements as written don't directly equate anyone, it is unclear whether they are obviously discriminatory [...]

I chose to believe his logs were wrong or missing stuff.

I DMd him, sent him all messages, screenshots and context as to why the whole situation was transphobic, and how the unban enabled that behaviour.

The answer?

"Your interpretation is unfaithful" -Player#4590

I'd like you to take a moment here, and think with me for a second. Not like me, but with me.

Let's say "fuck Vatuu", and remove him from the picture as an individual.

What you're about to read is my very long conversation with Player about transphobia. Not about Vatuu, but simply "someone who has been openly bigoted".


i am just explaining that there's more than one interpretation, where yours looks very unfaithful

erm it is wrong to say pedophile = rapist, one doesn't impl the other

these all seem very much like cases where vatuu should just shut up and stop spewing bs (to the comment of "non-consensual sex should be included and supported")

there is no substance to your argument, it is unfaithful interpretation to a response to an equally unfaithful inquiry from nuclearfarts

we have no good way of being fully inclusive

This is Fabric's administrator. This is how he reacts to every act of discrimination in the server.

You're being unfaithful, your demands of "total punishment" are too much, I stay within context, you are the one spreading transphobia by "smearing it all over the place".

sigh I must admit, it's been almost 4 months, and I still can't quite believe he called me a transphobe. Not because I can't be one, but because... it felt like a "no u" situation. If I wasn't so angry, I'd maybe say I'm hurt. But I'm just... pissed? Sad? Disappointed?

Alas, Player's answer only cemented the fact that he was not someone to reach out for, that he did not care about the raging transphobia in the server (still there to this day), and that we couldn't really trust the old mod team, since they did in fact see the whole context, yet decided to allow the individual to come back.

But there's a bigger issue here. Not only with Player, but with everyone on the moderation team and partially the community as a whole.

Let's talk about indirect bigotry

[...] Indirect Bigotry manifests as "concern", or "debate" about a host of proxy issues.

It's often defensive in tone, rather than offensive. Frequently the claim is that a once needed liberation movement has now "gone too far"; that is now the activists who are the new oppressors, who are disturbing law and order with violent and chaotic protests, who are victimizing and silencing innocent people by calling them bigots, who are infiltrating the media and replacing good old-fashioned entertainment with politically correct propaganda.

And of course ordinary people are too intimidated to speak out against it because cancel culture is out of control and free speech is under attack.

[...] Indirect bigotry often replaces the actual people it targets with some big abstract concept. [...] Trans people become "transgenderism","gender ideology", "transactivists"...

[...] they (bigots) tell on themselves, when they react with instinctive hostility to anyone who agitates for change

[...] One way indirect bigotry works is by camouflaging political struggles as intellectual "debates"." - from J.K.Rowling, by Contrapoints

Vatuu's situation was catalogued as "drama". The people who confronted Vatuu and asked for answers got labelled as aggressive, hypocrites, got told we were "flaming" or "cancelling" him, that we "deserve equal punishment" as him because we are "equally bad".

img8 img9 img10 img11

Does it sound familiar?


September 25th, 2020. I decided to reach out to modmuss50#1247, server owner and main maintainer of Fabric.

I really had no one else to go to, this was the last step on the ladder.

Modmuss, seeing the mess that his server became, decided to run off and hide on IRC. I had to get someone else to let him know I wanted to talk.

And we did.


I can’t give you any explanation or opinion here. I just… really don’t understand.

We were just asking for Player to stop having an admin role on the server, but

if I do that whats to stop him deleting the github, or nuking the servers

So we cannot get rid of Player because Modmuss is afraid he will delete all the project’s files and kill the servers, because he has done it in the past…

Do we understand how fucked up this is? The server administrator is holding the project hostage.

We have the people to replace Player's work, plenty of devs do what he does, we've talked with Modmuss about this several times.

And every single one of them, we end up in "but oh! the mutual trust!" "but what if! he takes down the project!". That's just being abusive? At what point did we allow this person to hold the project on a chokehold just so he's not able to be removed from his position in it?

How is this normal? Why do we continue to enable this?

And speaking of the devil...

The fault in our owners

Silence is complicity, it's enabling.

I'm not gonna sit here and be hurtful to Modmuss.

Do I think Player is a bad person? Yes, absolutely. There's a reason why Forge and FTB hate him.

Do I think the mod team are bad people? Perhaps, some of them have a lot to answer for.


Do I think Modmuss is a bad person? ...

No, not at all. But here's what I think: Modmuss doesn't care.

Yog, the Reddit, the Vatuu situation, Drama day, Player's behaviour, the mod team not being given the proper tools, the lack of accountability, every decision somehow always having to end up in Player and Modmuss’ hands.

The server system built by Asie and Modmuss back in 2018 stopped working when we passed the 300 users. We're at 12k.

And the truth is, Modmuss doesn’t want to moderate. He has said this himself several times.

But! He doesn't want to moderate, yet he refuses to leave the owner/moderator position fully. And when things eventually fall in his hands (because he is the server owner), he runs away. He just wants for people to “not bother” him. Remember, I had to ask someone to go to IRC so I could talk to him.

If being there is this stressful for you, why not let go of the owner role? Asie had it for 3 weeks, that was your chance. You could have let go there and then. But you didn't, nor did Player. And not only that, you told Asie to quit.

So, do you want to be a moderator or not? Do you want that power or not? Because you are responsible for this now. Your silence, your running away, enabled all of this.

It’s because you don’t care enough.

Modmuss is not a transphobe, of that I am certain.

But he doesn’t care about the server being full of them - because all he wants is for people to not bother him. Even if that means marginalizing queer people, and enabling toxic behaviour.

You lost 6+ moderators. You had to delete the general channels. People abandoned the project because of this.

Because you enabled transphobia. Because you sat there and didn’t do anything, nor let other people do it for you. Because we gave you choices, and you pulled out of all of them.

G, Darker, Reo, Xero, they joined the team to help you because you didn’t want to moderate - but that wasn’t enough. You allowed the community to hurt so much that they ended up quitting, because what they attempted wasn’t enough to heal it.

You hoarded the server’s power (limited decision making, removed audit logs, removed archive view, removed KICK PERMS from mods), then you say you don’t want to moderate and tell people you’re uninstalling Discord.

You enabled this, Modmuss.

I don’t know how to tell you this anymore. You allowed this to happen by both refusing to resign a position you seem to hate, but also by not doing anything at all with it.

Your silence made you not only complicit, but an enabler.

This is your responsibility. The one you wanted, the one you asked for. Stop running away.

So... What now?

Well, let's see

November 18th 2020

Vatuu is permabanned on Fabricord, over a year after the whole situation happened.


In Asie's words:

Vatuu was only banned because the backlash of not banning him was greater than the backlash of banning him.

if any of you really think it was due to the transphobia then I don't know what to tell you. get a grip, this place sucks.

  • December 18th, 2020. On #discord-meta

The Fabric Project server

If you go to Fabricord right now, after all of this, you'll be stuck with a general sense of “oh, we’re fine!”.

And to that I say: You literally segregated people out of Fabricord.

You’re fine because all the people who called you out on your bigotry got so marginalized and shitted on, they left the server.

You’re fine because you are the problematic people, you just stopped getting called out for it.

A community full of transphobes, a moderation team that protects them. That’s what the Fabric Discord became.

What the hell is Fabricomm

The Fabric Community is... Is.

Asie and I came up with the idea a few months back and went with it; it's owned by gdude now. It exists, mainly, as a reaction to Fabricord's actions (or inactions).

Asie calls it a schism. I call it starting over.

And Fabric?

I got told posting this would kill Fabric. That it would be tokenized as "the transphobic modloader".

I beg to differ.

Yes, this is the image Fabric has to live with now. A community on an unmoderated server with a lot of queerphobia in it.

But Fabric is more than just Fabricord. And there's a lot more to the community than just transphobes.

If you go to, you'll find plenty of other spaces to go to that are not Fabricord, yet still Fabric.

Hold Fabricord accountable. Hold its people accountable. But abandoning Fabric as a whole will actually turn it into the transphobes' modloader.

Reclaim Fabric and make it something better. Show the people on top that it can actually be inclusive, if they just try.


January 31st, 17:04

Hi. It's been about 2 hours since this has been up.

Here to let you know I was instantly banned from Fabricord once I made this public.

In addition, gdude, darkerbit and a few other "supporters"(?) have also been banned.

I'm not really surprised. If anything, I was expecting my ban. The other ones? Weird me out. It just feels like a "I want you and your friends out of here".

None of us received a ban message, or an explanation really. We just stopped seeing the server and couldn't rejoin.

Oh well then, farewell The Fabric Project server! I'm sure that continuing to sweep under the rug every problem you are confronted with will go down amazingly.



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@Motschen Motschen commented Jan 31, 2021

Wow, this is a pretty huge thread, thanks for putting it together!
It shows some very prominent problems in online communities, and that there have to be people who fight for equivalence.
In my opinion every human should be treated equal, no matter the color of their skin, the country they're from, their religion or their sexuality.
I will always stay on fabric and try to change the community for the better, just as you are.


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@Vatuu Vatuu commented Jan 31, 2021

Interesting take.


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@Yoghurt4C Yoghurt4C commented Jan 31, 2021



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@supersaiyansubtlety supersaiyansubtlety commented Jan 31, 2021

I'm amazed I've been on the server as much as I have and not seen any of this in person, guess I'm just not in the 'wrong' channels.

The appeal to Modmuss was amazingly frustrating to read, and I'm sad to see that you were banned for posting this.

I love Fabricord but I've only ever seen the good parts of it I guess, I'm not sure what to think now.


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@ColdIce1605 ColdIce1605 commented Jan 31, 2021

Over all great gist
With some concerns, such as:

[...] Indirect bigotry often replaces the actual people it targets with some big abstract concept. [...] Trans people become "transgenderism","gender ideology", "transactivists"...

I have never ever heard someone say this, and debate IS NOT Indirect bigotry. As debate gives each side a place to talk bigotry shuts down all of that, so again how is it indirect bigotry, to give a example it is good to debate even the most evil thing ever done in a constructive manner to point out why these ideas are so wrong and incorrect, to point out the propaganda on both sides as it exists.


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@gdude2002 gdude2002 commented Jan 31, 2021

@ColdIce1605 You can debate the concepts in an actual academic setting, but that's not what the quote is about - bigoted people do tend to dehumanize their targets and try to reduce them to a faceless agenda or movement.

Bear in mind that ContraPoints is talking about Twitter in the video, and using JK Rowling tweets as examples. It's worth watching the whole thing if you have time!


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@ghost ghost commented Jan 31, 2021

"you are throwing baseless accusations around without any concrete evidence"



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Owner Author

@AzrielTaylor AzrielTaylor commented Jan 31, 2021

The debate point isn't about debate being bigotry, it's about turning people's existence into bigotry.
"Should trans people get medication" should not be a topic of debate, that's what it refers to.


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@ColdIce1605 ColdIce1605 commented Feb 1, 2021

@ColdIce1605 You can debate the concepts in an actual academic setting, but that's not what the quote is about - bigoted people do tend to dehumanize their targets and try to reduce them to a faceless agenda or movement.

Bear in mind that ContraPoints is talking about Twitter in the video, and using JK Rowling tweets as examples. It's worth watching the whole thing if you have time!

the thing is i've yet to see that and I don't think the video answers my point as it describes was they view it.


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@S10MC2015 S10MC2015 commented Feb 1, 2021

I talked on Fabricord along time ago and have stayed for the sake of staying the the Fabric project server.
Well, it is sad it got to this point.


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@Insidious611 Insidious611 commented Feb 1, 2021

Just here to point out that any project that lives or dies based on sating the whims of one administrator who's prone to throwing their toys out the pram at any given moment...

Probably doesn't need to exist as a project.

Code does not exist to give you status or sate your ego.

I'd like to hear Modmuss explain why he was willing to let this project be held hostage.


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@ColdIce1605 ColdIce1605 commented Feb 1, 2021

Ok I want to point out that I miss read it.


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@SpaceClouds42 SpaceClouds42 commented Feb 1, 2021



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@TheMadHau5 TheMadHau5 commented Feb 1, 2021

How do I join Woven?


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@Oct0bass Oct0bass commented Feb 2, 2021

Saying "Yes, these two groups can be equated" isn't saying they can be equated

What the actual heck.


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@liach liach commented Feb 2, 2021

Good thing I quit discord. It is cancer indeed. Imagine wasting time debating these than learning how LambdaMetafactory or dynamic constants work!


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@How-Bout-No How-Bout-No commented Feb 4, 2021

Great writeup, getting out of that discord asap.


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@ninfia ninfia commented Feb 24, 2021


Speaking about Fabric wiki

I dont want to promote servers that make my life misrible. Thanks. - modmuss50


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@machinesmith42 machinesmith42 commented Apr 17, 2021

while we are here modmuss has given up completely


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@jackowski626 jackowski626 commented Apr 20, 2021

seethe and cope
this is the most entitled sjw wall of text I've ever read


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@TheMadHau5 TheMadHau5 commented Apr 20, 2021

@jackowski626 u ok bro? i'm usually against sjws but i support this only because the amount of bigotry here is unreal.


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@Regian24 Regian24 commented Apr 20, 2021

yikes what the fuck


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@CannibalVox CannibalVox commented Apr 21, 2021

Holy hell. I hope you're well, friends.


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@a-couple-objects a-couple-objects commented Apr 26, 2021

seethe and cope
this is the most entitled sjw wall of text I've ever read

could you learn the definition of sjw please
actually, the definition is 'a person who expresses or promotes socially progressive views.'. so calling it sjw is i guess technically true, but entitled? not even close


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@SpaceClouds42 SpaceClouds42 commented Apr 27, 2021

The way I've seen SJW used is more in line with the Urban Dictionary's definition of it:

people who like to convince their Instagram followers that they care about social issues by posting infographics and shocking headlines, but when it comes to real life they will happily be racist and be a terrible person in general. Also known as SJW's ,not to be confused with activists

You're driving through a neighborhood that is predominantly made up of some minority. You make a comment about that fact and the SJW will say, "You can't call <minority group> that! They're <another word for minority group>." And then proceed to say, "Now roll up the windows, I don't want to be robbed by those (thugs|criminals|lowlifes)!"

Essentially, someone who acts like they care about some oppressed group's rights but in actuality also propagates their oppression. This document simply is not that. In any way.

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