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A `.split()` function for excel—assumes 0 index, "-" delimiter, and reference cell "A2" but are all customizable. Outputs a string representation of the formula
def recurse(remaining_steps, delimiter='"-"', reference_cell="A2"):
if remaining_steps==0:
return 'SEARCH('+delimiter+','+reference_cell+')+1'
return 'SEARCH('+delimiter+','+reference_cell+','+recurse(remaining_steps-1, delimiter, reference_cell)+')+1'
def build(i, delimiter='"-"', reference_cell="A2"):
if i<0:
raise ValueError
elif i==0:
return 'LEFT('+reference_cell+', SEARCH('+delimiter+','+reference_cell+')-1)'
elif i>=1:
return 'MID('+reference_cell+', '+recurse(i-1,delimiter,reference_cell)+', '+
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