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Basic LuaLaTex Template for Gregorio Scores
% !TEX TS-program = lualatex
% !TEX encoding = UTF-8
% This is a simple template for a LuaLaTeX document using gregorio scores.
\documentclass[11pt]{article} % use larger type; default would be 10pt
% usual packages loading:
\usepackage{graphicx} % support the \includegraphics command and options
\usepackage{geometry} % See geometry.pdf to learn the layout options. There are lots.
\geometry{a4paper} % or letterpaper (US) or a5paper or....
\usepackage{gregoriotex} % for gregorio score inclusion
\usepackage{fullpage} % to reduce the margins
% to change the font to something better, you can install the kpfonts package (if not already installed). To do so
% go open the "TeX Live Manager" in the Menu Start->All Programs->TeX Live 2010
% here we begin the document
% The title:
\begin{center}\begin{huge}\textsc{Populus Sion}\end{huge}\end{center}
% Here we set the space around the initial.
% Please report to for more details and options
\setspaceafterinitial{2.2mm plus 0em minus 0em}
\setspacebeforeinitial{2.2mm plus 0em minus 0em}
% Here we set the initial font. Change 43 if you want a bigger initial.
{\fontsize{43}{43}\selectfont #1}%
% We set red lines here, comment it if you want black ones.
% We set the annotations above the initial.
%\gresetfirstlineaboveinitial{\small \textsc{\textbf{line1}}}{\small \textsc{\textbf{line2}}}
\setfirstannotation{\tiny line1}
\setsecondannotation{\tiny \sc{line2}}
% We type a text in the top right corner of the score:
\commentary{{\small \emph{Cf. Is. 30, 19 . 30 ; Ps. 79}}}
% and finally we include the score. The file must be in the same directory as this one.
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