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import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F
device = torch.device("cuda:0" if torch.cuda.is_available() else "cpu")
def gpu(tensor, gpu=False):
if gpu:
return tensor.cuda()
return tensor
class ScaledEmbedding(nn.Embedding):
Embedding layer that initialises its values
to using a normal variable scaled by the inverse
of the embedding dimension.
def reset_parameters(self):
Initialize parameters.
""", 1.0 / self.embedding_dim)
if self.padding_idx is not None:[self.padding_idx].fill_(0)
class ZeroEmbedding(nn.Embedding):
Embedding layer that initialises its values
to using a normal variable scaled by the inverse
of the embedding dimension.
Used for biases.
def reset_parameters(self):
Initialize parameters.
if self.padding_idx is not None:[self.padding_idx].fill_(0)
class NeuralMatrixFactorization(nn.Module):
Nueral Matrix Factorization Representation
num_users: int
Number of users in the model.
num_items: int
Number of items in the model.
embedding_dim: int, optional
Dimensionality of the latent representations.
sparse: boolean, optional
Use sparse gradients.
use_cuda_embeddings: boolean, optional
Dump embeddings on gpu before hand (Could be faster but be careful with memory!)
activation_type: str, optional
see creek.deep.representations.activations for options.
He, Xiangnan, et al. "Neural collaborative filtering." Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web.
International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee, 2017.
def __init__(self, num_users, num_items, embedding_dim=32, sparse=False,
activation_type='relu', use_cuda_embeddings=False):
super(NeuralMatrixFactorization, self).__init__()
self.embedding_dim = embedding_dim
self.use_cuda_embeddings = use_cuda_embeddings
self.activation_type = activation_type
self.user_embeddings_mlp = gpu(ScaledEmbedding(num_users, embedding_dim,
sparse=sparse), self.use_cuda_embeddings)
self.user_embeddings_mf = gpu(ScaledEmbedding(num_users, embedding_dim,
sparse=sparse), self.use_cuda_embeddings)
self.item_embeddings_mlp = gpu(ScaledEmbedding(num_items, embedding_dim,
sparse=sparse), self.use_cuda_embeddings)
self.item_embeddings_mf = gpu(ScaledEmbedding(num_items, embedding_dim,
sparse=sparse), self.use_cuda_embeddings)
self.item_biases_mf = gpu(ZeroEmbedding(num_items, 1, sparse=sparse), self.use_cuda_embeddings)
self.item_biases_mlp = gpu(ZeroEmbedding(num_items, 1, sparse=sparse), self.use_cuda_embeddings)
self.input_size = embedding_dim * 2
self.output_size = 1
self.fc_layers = torch.nn.ModuleList()
layers = [self.embedding_dim * 2, self.embedding_dim,
self.embedding_dim / 2, self.embedding_dim / 4]
layers = [int(layer) for layer in layers]
for idx, (in_size, out_size) in enumerate(zip(layers[:-1], layers[1:])):
self.fc_layers.append(torch.nn.Linear(in_size, out_size))
self.fc_layers =
self.output = torch.nn.Linear(int(self.embedding_dim / 4) + self.embedding_dim, out_features=1).to(device)
def forward(self, user_ids, item_ids):
Compute the forward pass of the representation.
user_embedding_mlp = self.user_embeddings_mlp(user_ids).to(device).squeeze()
item_embedding_mlp = self.item_embeddings_mlp(item_ids).to(device).squeeze()
user_embedding_mlp = F.dropout(user_embedding_mlp, 0.5)
item_embedding_mlp = F.dropout(item_embedding_mlp, 0.5)
item_bias_mlp = self.item_biases_mlp(item_ids).to(device).squeeze()
user_embedding_mf = self.user_embeddings_mf(user_ids).to(device).squeeze()
item_embedding_mf = self.item_embeddings_mf(item_ids).to(device).squeeze()
user_embedding_mf = F.dropout(user_embedding_mf, 0.5)
item_embedding_mf = F.dropout(item_embedding_mf, 0.5)
item_bias_mf = self.item_biases_mf(item_ids).to(device).squeeze()
# Vanilla Matrix Factorization
vector_mf = torch.mul(user_embedding_mf, item_embedding_mf)
vector_mf = vector_mf + item_bias_mf.unsqueeze(1)
# Multi Layer Perceptron
vector_mlp =, item_embedding_mlp + item_bias_mlp.unsqueeze(1)), 1)
for idx, _ in enumerate(range(len(self.fc_layers))):
vector_mlp = self.fc_layers[idx](vector_mlp)
vector_mlp = torch.nn.ReLU()(vector_mlp)
vector_mlp = F.dropout(vector_mlp, 0.5)
vector =, 0.5), F.dropout(vector_mlp, 0.5)), 1)
rating = self.output(vector)
return rating
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