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Function used in conjunction with Test-IsAdmin to start a new Admin Shell (runs powershell or pwsh as admin)
function New-AdminShell {
Starts an Elevated PowerShell Console.
Opens a new PowerShell Console Elevated as Administrator. If the user is already running an elevated
administrator shell, a message is displayed in the console session.
$Process = Get-Process | Where-Object { $_.Id -eq "$($PID)" }
if (Test-IsAdmin = $True) {
Write-Warning -Message "Admin Shell already running!"
else {
if ($Process.Name -eq "powershell") {
Start-Process -FilePath "powershell.exe" -Verb runas -PassThru
if ($Process.Name -eq "pwsh") {
Start-Process -FilePath "pwsh.exe" -Verb runas -PassThru
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