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Last active Oct 28, 2018
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Article 2, Point 4
class CatalogueViewModel : ViewModel() {
// BAD: Exposing mutable LiveData
val products = MutableLiveData<Products>()
// GOOD: Encapsulate access to mutable LiveData through getter
private val promotions = MutableLiveData<Promotions>()
fun getPromotions(): LiveData<Promotions> = promotions
// GOOD: Encapsulate access to mutable LiveData using backing property
private val _offers = MutableLiveData<Offers>()
val offers: LiveData<Offers> = _offers
fun loadData(){
products.value = loadProducts() // Other classes can also set products value
promotions.value = loadPromotions() // Only CatalogueViewModel can set promotions value
_offers.value = loadOffers() // Only CatalogueViewModel can set offers value
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