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Created September 19, 2017 17:43
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
main() {
file_to_edit=`select_file $previous_file`
if [ -n "$file_to_edit" ] ; then
"$EDITOR" "$file_to_edit"
main "$file_to_edit"
select_file() {
fzf --preview="cat {}" --preview-window=right:70%:wrap --query="$given_file"
main ""
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SamDc73 commented Apr 30, 2022

Thanks to this amazing idea, I created this small script to manage notes in the Zettelkasten method, using fzf, the silver searcher and bat.

the link to your project is dead

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guychouk commented Apr 30, 2022

the link to your project is dead

Fixed it @SamDc73, thanks for the heads up!

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Thank you Casey for the idea and the nice article which led me to this script.

As a tribute, I can suggest a simplification. Since version 0.10 fzf supports --bind with execute:

alias fuz=fzf --preview="cat {}" --preview-window=right:70%:wrap --bind 'enter:execute($EDITOR {})'

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