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Created February 8, 2016 16:46
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import datetime
import itertools
import random
import sys
import timeit
from collections import defaultdict
import mongoengine as db
from pycallgraph.output.graphviz import GraphvizOutput
from pycallgraph.pycallgraph import PyCallGraph
class Data(db.EmbeddedDocument):
subf0 = db.ListField(db.IntField())
subf1 = db.ListField(db.IntField())
subf2 = db.ListField(db.IntField())
subf3 = db.ListField(db.IntField())
subf4 = db.ListField(db.IntField())
class MyDictModel(db.Document):
date = db.DateTimeField(required=True,
data_dict_1 = db.DictField()
class MyEmbedModel(db.Document):
date = db.DateTimeField(required=True,
data_dict_1 = db.EmbeddedDocumentField(Data)
data = ["subf{}".format(f) for f in range(5)]
m_dict = MyDictModel()
my_dict = dict([(d, list(random.sample(range(50000), 20000))) for d in data])
m_dict.data_dict_1 = my_dict
m_embed = MyEmbedModel()
my_data = Data()
for f in data:
my_data[f] = list(random.sample(range(50000), 20000))
m_embed.data_dict_1 = my_data
def pymongo_dict_doc():
return db.connection.get_connection()["test-dicts"]['my_dict_model'].find_one()
def pymongo_embed_doc():
return db.connection.get_connection()["test-dicts"]['my_embed_model'].find_one()
def mongoengine_dict_doc():
return MyDictModel.objects.first()
def mongoengine_embed_doc():
return MyEmbedModel.objects.first()
if __name__ == '__main__':
print("pymongo with dict took {:2.2f}s".format(timeit.timeit(pymongo_dict_doc, number=10)))
print("pymongo with embed took {:2.2f}s".format(timeit.timeit(pymongo_embed_doc, number=10)))
print("mongoengine with dict took", timeit.timeit(mongoengine_dict_doc, number=10))
print("mongoengine with embed took", timeit.timeit(mongoengine_embed_doc, number=10))
out1 = GraphvizOutput()
out1.output_file = "viz_embed.png"
out2 = GraphvizOutput()
out2.output_file = "viz_dict.png"
with PyCallGraph(output=out1):
with PyCallGraph(output=out2):
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