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PHP >= 5.6
(d) means that this extension is enabled by default
(d) --disable-ctype Ctype For character type checking
--with-curl[=DIR] cURL Used for aspects of HTTP user authentication
(d) --disable-dom DOM For operating on XML documents through the DOM API
--with-gd[=DIR] GD For creating and manipulating image files in a variety of different image formats, including GIF, PNG, JPEG, WBMP, and XPM.
(d) --disable-hash HASH Message For working with message digests (hash).
Digest Framework
(d) --without-iconv iconv For working with the iconv character set conversion facility.
(d) JSON For working with the JSON data-interchange format.
(d) --disable-libxml libxml This is required for the _DOM_, _libxml_, _SimpleXML_, and _XMLWriter_ extensions to work. It requires that libxml2, version 2.7.0 or higher, is installed.
--enable-mbstring Multibyte String For working with multibyte character encoding schemes.
(d) PDO This is required for the pdo_msql function to work.
(d) --disable-posix POSIX For working with UNIX POSIX functionality.
(d) --disable-simplexml SimpleXML For working with XML files as objects.
(d) --disable-xmlwriter XMLWriter For generating streams or files of XML data.
--enable-zip Zip For reading and writing ZIP compressed archives and the files inside them.
--with-zlib[=DIR] Zlib For reading and writing gzip (.gz) compressed files.
Database Connectors:
--with-mysql-sock[=DIR] pdo_mysql For working with MySQL & MariaDB.
--with-pgsql[=DIR] pgsql For working with PostgreSQL. It requires PostgreSQL 9.0 or above.
(d) --without-sqlite3 sqlite For working with SQLite. It requires SQLite 3 or above. This is, usually, not recommended, for performance reasons.
Required For Specific Apps:
--enable-ftp ftp For working with FTP storage
sftp For working with SFTP storage
--with-imap[=DIR] imap For IMAP integration
ldap For LDAP integration
smbclient For SMB/CIFS integration
+ SMB/Windows Network Drive mounts require the PHP module smbclient version 0.8.0+; see SMB/CIFS.
--with-bz2[=DIR] Bzip2 Required for extraction of applications
(d) Fileinfo Highly recommended, as it enhances file analysis performance
--enable-intl(or byPECL)intl Increases language translation performance and fixes sorting of non-ASCII characters
--with-mcrypt[=DIR] Mcrypt Increases file encryption performance
--with-openssl[=DIR] OpenSSL Required for accessing HTTPS resources
imagick Required for creating and modifying images and preview thumbnails
* byPECL && --with-imagick=DIR
For Specific Apps:
--enable-exif Exif For image rotation in the pictures app
--with-gmp GMP For working with arbitrary-length integers
For Server Performance:
For enhanced server performance consider installing **one of** the following cache extensions:
redis (>= 2.2.6+, required for transactional file locking)
See Configuring Memory Caching ( to learn how to select and configure a memcache.
For Preview Generation:
avconv or ffmpeg
OpenOffice or LibreOffice
For Command Line Processing:
--enable-pcntl PCNTL Enables command interruption by pressing ctrl-c
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