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Last active Nov 11, 2019
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struct __array_traits
typedef _Tp _Type[_Nm]; //(1)
typedef __is_swappable<_Tp> _Is_swappable;
typedef __is_nothrow_swappable<_Tp> _Is_nothrow_swappable;
static constexpr _Tp&
_S_ref(const _Type& __t, std::size_t __n) noexcept
{ return const_cast<_Tp&>(__t[__n]); }
static constexpr _Tp*
_S_ptr(const _Type& __t) noexcept
{ return const_cast<_Tp*>(__t); }
operator[](size_type __n) noexcept
{ return _AT_Type::_S_ref(_M_elems, __n); } //(2)
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