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Created Dec 14, 2018
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DLC Notes

Kartridge supports two different types of DLC

  • Unlockable DLC

    • Has no additional files.
    • Unlocks content in the base game.
    • Ownership is verified via an API call.
  • Additional File DLC

    • Contains additional files for each supported platform in a Zip archive.
    • The files inside the DLC Zip will be extracted alongside the base game in the same directory.
      • If you have duplicate files, the files in the DLC package will overwrite the ones from the base game once installed (not generally recommended).
    • Optionally includes an executable that will be launched instead of the base game.
    • Ownership and install status is verified via API calls.

Notes on DLC

  1. You may specify a required DLC game that must be owned before the user is eligible to purchase another DLC. 2. This allows you to set up requirement "chains" for episodic content: Episode 3 requires Episode 2 requires the base game (Episode 1).
  2. DLC can not be purchased unless the base and required game (if defined) are owned by the user.
  3. The user can currently update DLC independently of the base game, so any version/compatibility checking is left up to the developer.
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