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Last active January 7, 2021 21:04
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Thoughts on #CircuitPython2021

Here are my thoughts on #CircuitPython2021

While some of the thoughts are (still) out of my personal reach, I still wanted to put them down .. :) I've learned a lot already and hope to be able to contribute on some of those elements/thoughts.


  • Add ESP32-S3 hardware support and what this could enable via BLE (e.g. location awareness)
  • Implement wireless roaming (ESP-IDF lately has example code for wireless roaming leveraging 802.11k/11v, it would be cool if this could be leveraged)
  • Review if WPA3-SAE (WPA3-Personal) can be implemented as ESP-IDF supports it
  • I'll work on making some information of the connected AP (better) accessible like Auth-Mode/Encryption and want to review if the PMF-mode can be shown/displayed


  • micro:bit v2 hardware support would be amazing => having two devices talk to each other via BLE sounds fun
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BennyE commented Jan 7, 2021

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ladyada commented Jan 7, 2021

thanks :)

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