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May the force be with you

Richard Natal Bigous

May the force be with you
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Bigous / runNode.bat
Created Nov 9, 2015
Run NodeJS with Garbage Collection and Statistics exposed
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@echo off
node --expose-gc --track_gc_object_stats %*
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"use strict";
exports.queryAll = function(conn, sql, args, cb) {
var allRows = [];
conn.execute(sql, args, {
resultSet: true
}, function(err, result) {
if (err) return cb(err);
function fetch() {
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configure.bat -opensource -confirm-license -release -static -system-zlib -system-libpng -system-libjpeg -no-accessibility -no-opengl -no-sql-ibase -no-sql-mysql -no-sql-oci -no-sql-tds -no-sql-db2 -no-sql-odbc -no-sql-psql -no-sql-sqlite -no-sql-sqlite2 -no-qml-debug -no-dbus -nomake examples -nomake tools -nomake tests -D QT_NO_GRAPHICSVIEW -D QT_NO_GRAPHICSEFFECT -D QT_NO_STYLESHEET -D QT_NO_STYLE_CDE -D QT_NO_STYLE_CLEANLOOKS -D QT_NO_STYLE_MOTIF -D QT_NO_STYLE_PLASTIQUE -D QT_NO_PRINTPREVIEWDIALOG -mp -icu -no-angle -openssl-linked -I C:\Richard\wkhtmltopdf\static-build\msvc2013-win32\deplibs\include -L C:\Richard\wkhtmltopdf\static-build\msvc2013-win32\deplibs\lib OPENSSL_LIBS="-LC:\\Richard\\wkhtmltopdf\\static-build\\msvc2013-win32\\deplibs\\lib -lssleay32 -llibeay32 -lUser32 -lAdvapi32 -lGdi32 -lCrypt32"
View DragDropAngJS.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html ng-app="APP">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>angular-dragdrop example</title>
li:hover{background-color: #eee;}
<body ng-controller="ExampleController">
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