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This bash script skirts the annoying FFmpeg limitation of cutting audio or video based not on start/stop timestamps, but on seconds elapsed. With the following bash script you can enter a start time to begin the cut, and an end time to terminate the cut, which removes the sometimes necessary task of performing math to determine precisely how man…
INPUT=$(yad --width=600 --height=400 --file-selection --file-filter='*.mp3 *.mkv *.mp4 *.avi *.flv')
eval $(yad --width=400 --form --field=start --field=end --field=output:SFL "00:00:00.000" "00:00:00.000" "${INPUT/%.*}-out.${INPUT##*.}" | awk -F'|' '{printf "START=%s\nEND=%s\nOUTPUT=\"%s\"\n", $1, $2, $3}')
[[ -z $START || -z $END || -z $OUTPUT ]] && exit 1
DIFF=$(($(date +%s --date="$END")-$(date +%s --date="$START")))
OFFSET=""$(($DIFF / 3600)):$(($DIFF / 60 % 60)):$(($DIFF % 60))
ffmpeg -ss "$START" -t "$OFFSET" -i "$INPUT" -c:v copy "$OUTPUT"
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