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Biswapriyo Nath Biswa96

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WanderingGlitch /
Created Nov 12, 2019
IDA 2to3 fixers to help move from the newer APIs
#!/usr/bin/env python
This has some pretty gross hacks in it
But gives a general idea what it is like to write a 2to3 fixer
Basically run like this: /path/to/your/script /path/to/
Give it a once over to make sure it didn't break too much, then:
View wsl.kernel.patch
diff -N -r -u linux-4.19.72/arch/arm64/hyperv/hv_hvc.S WSL2-Linux-Kernel-4.19.72-microsoft-standard/arch/arm64/hyperv/hv_hvc.S
--- linux-4.19.72/arch/arm64/hyperv/hv_hvc.S 1969-12-31 16:00:00.000000000 -0800
+++ WSL2-Linux-Kernel-4.19.72-microsoft-standard/arch/arm64/hyperv/hv_hvc.S 2019-09-15 02:24:17.000000000 -0700
@@ -0,0 +1,54 @@
+/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
+ * Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor invocation routines
+ *
+ * Copyright (C) 2018, Microsoft, Inc.
luk6xff /
Last active Aug 8, 2020 — forked from bruce30262/
Emulating ARM with QEMU on Debian/Ubuntu

You might want to read this to get an introduction to armel vs armhf.

If the below is too much, you can try Ubuntu-ARMv7-Qemu but note it contains non-free blobs.

Running ARM programs under linux (without starting QEMU VM!)

First, cross-compile user programs with GCC-ARM toolchain. Then install qemu-arm-static so that you can run ARM executables directly on linux

If there's no qemu-arm-static in the package list, install qemu-user-static instead

fedme / Run Visual Studio Code for Linux from
Last active Jun 29, 2020
Run Visual Studio Code for Linux from WSL on Windows 10
View Run Visual Studio Code for Linux from

Run Visual Studio Code for Linux from WSL

Thanks a lot to mredbishop and others for their insturctions posted here. This is just a recap of what they figured out.

This process was tested on WSL Ubuntu 18.04.

Install VcXsrv on Windows

  1. Dowload the VcXsrv installer from
  2. Install the software on Windows

Add VS Code repositories

View wsl-build-static-bsdtar
# build static bsdtar linked against musl in Ubuntu 16.04 on WSL
mkdir bsdtarbuild && cd bsdtarbuild
sudo su
mkdir alpine-root
ALPINE_APKTOOLS=apk-tools-static-2.9.1-r0.apk # note this is a moving target
wget -q $ALPINE_MIRROR/latest-stable/main/x86_64/$ALPINE_APKTOOLS
View share-artifacts-between-jobs.yml
# Job 'Environment: test=1' uploads artifact. Others wait while it finishes and download it.
- cmd: echo skip clone
secure: SlDEDtAKuvsy+VErEuc/4DxdhPeKu2WRqvYzEh/fiH4=
TimeOutMins: 2
jobToWait: 'Environment: test=1'
- test: 1
Yasushi /
Last active Mar 28, 2019
boot2docker static ip
kill `cat /var/run/`
ifconfig eth0 netmask up
ip route add default via dev eth0
echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf
windyinsc /
Created Mar 19, 2017
Fix for VLC: ts error: libdvbpsi error (PSI decoder): TS duplicate


The following changes to VLC were successful in fixing all playback issues.

  • VLC Version 2.2.4 Weatherwax (Intel 64bit) on OS X 10.9


ts error: libdvbpsi error (PSI decoder): TS duplicate (received 0, expected 1) for PID 0 ts error: libdvbpsi error (PSI decoder): TS duplicate (received 0, expected 1) for PID 4095

Mostafa-Hamdy-Elgiar /
Created Feb 25, 2017
Python Script to convert Microsoft widows file time to python date and also date to windows file time
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2009, David Buxton <>
# All rights reserved.
# Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
# modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are
# met:
# * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
# notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
danburzo /
Last active Apr 24, 2020
Scrape your Facebook saved links

Facebook does not provide an easy way to get your saved links out of its system. Here's a quick script that does that for you.


Go to your Saved links page and make sure you scroll way down to the bottom so that all your saved items are loaded. This script will generate a simple HTML page with your links, along with an Add to Pinboard action.


Drag this to your bookmarks toolbar: <a href='javascript:eval(unescape("//%20selector%20for%20accessing%20the%20links%0A//

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