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git shortlog --before={2013-03-18} --since={2013-03-15} --no-merges --stat --all-match
Abdul Malik Ikhsan (9):
save ->getRequest() to a variable to make consistent with User Guide
fix typos
fix writing of JavaScript
fix markdown : multiple backticks
missing "S" uppercase
fix Zend\Paginator Tutorial
update Zend\Mvc Examples
update variable
fix obtain Console adapter from MVC Controllers
Gary Hockin (10):
Added line breaks
Added line breaks
Fixed alt tag
Removed ordering
unified use of __construct-or
Syntax tidy up
fixed typo
fixed badly grammer
added return type
fixed indentation
Jurgen Van de Moere (6):
Translated document
Translated to dutch
Translated to dutch
Translated to dutch
Updated revision check
Translated to dutch
Marco Pivetta (3):
Adding service naming best practices
Adding small addendum about collisions in service names
Typo fix causing formatting problem
Marty (1):
a couple of small word changes
Michaël Gallego (2):
Add documentation for Plural helper
Fix English
Mike Willbanks (1):
Added ZendService\Apple\Apns quickstart documentation
Pascal Borreli (4):
Fixed typos
Fixed typos
Fixed fr typos
Fixed spanish typos
Robert Basic (12):
describe option about silenceCyclicalExceptions
fix indentation
fix php errors in examples
try to be more clear with the custom form elements
fix up indentations
add missing public methods for Zend\Form\Element\Element
fix typo and fix indentation
add missing public methods
fix link and add missing public methods
add missing public methods
Add docs for missing MonthSelect element
Add docs on missing UriNormalize filter
Ryan Mauger (2):
Fixed a typo, enforceScheme -> enforcedScheme
Corrected typo re
mpalourdio (4):
Update modules.rst
Update routing-and-controllers.rst
Update routing-and-controllers.rst
Update conclusion.rst
wryck7 (1):
changed bold markdown for inline code
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