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Output of salt-call -l debug --local state.sls gitbug (when run first time)
[DEBUG ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/minion
[DEBUG ] Using cached minion ID from /etc/salt/minion_id: winslow
[DEBUG ] Configuration file path: /etc/salt/minion
[DEBUG ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/minion
[DEBUG ] The `dmidecode` binary is not available on the system. GPU grains will not be available.
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded jinja.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded yaml.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded jinja.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded yaml.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded state.sls
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded saltutil.is_running
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded grains.get
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded roots.envs
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad roots.init
[DEBUG ] Updating roots fileserver cache
[DEBUG ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/minion
[DEBUG ] The `dmidecode` binary is not available on the system. GPU grains will not be available.
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded jinja.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded yaml.render
[INFO ] Loading fresh modules for state activity
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded jinja.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded yaml.render
[INFO ] Fetching file from saltenv 'base', ** skipped ** latest already in cache 'salt://gitbug.sls'
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded
[DEBUG ] Jinja search path: ['/var/cache/salt/minion/files/base']
[DEBUG ] Rendered data from file: /var/cache/salt/minion/files/base/gitbug.sls:
- rev: v2.0.0-beta3
- target: /root/icingaweb2/
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded config.get
[DEBUG ] Results of YAML rendering:
OrderedDict([('', OrderedDict([('git.latest', [OrderedDict([('rev', 'v2.0.0-beta3')]), OrderedDict([('target', '/root/icingaweb2/')])])]))])
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded
[DEBUG ] Error loading module.ipmi: No module named pyghmi.ipmi
[DEBUG ] Error loading module.tls: ['PyOpenSSL must be installed before this module can be used.']
[DEBUG ] Error loading module.nacl: libnacl import error, perhaps missing python libnacl package
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad xmpp.send_msg
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded lvs.get_rules
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded portage_config.get_missing_flags
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded layman.add
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded selinux.getenforce
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded win_path.rehash
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_iam.role_exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded ipset.version
[DEBUG ] Error loading states.ipmi: No module named pyghmi.ipmi
[DEBUG ] Registered VCS backend: git
[DEBUG ] Registered VCS backend: hg
[DEBUG ] Registered VCS backend: svn
[DEBUG ] Registered VCS backend: bzr
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad redis.set_key
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded reg.read_key
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_asg.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mysql.user_create
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_elb.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded win_dns_client.add_dns
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad docker.version
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad augeas.execute
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded chef.client
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded glusterfs.list_volumes
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded makeconf.get_var
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad ip.get_interface
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_cloudwatch.get_alarm
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded keystone.auth
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded memcached.status
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mongodb.user_exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded splunk_search.get
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded lvs.get_rules
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded rdp.enable
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mysql.query
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad apache.a2enmod
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad firewall.get_config
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad pkg.get_selections
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_secgroup.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mysql.db_exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_asg.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded eselect.exec_action
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded nftables.version
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_sqs.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded cyg.list
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded pecl.list
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_elasticache.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mysql.grant_exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded zk_concurrency.lock
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded ps.pkill
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_dynamodb.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad git.mod_init
[INFO ] Running state [] at time 10:57:59.967207
[INFO ] Executing state git.latest for
[DEBUG ] target /root/icingaweb2/ is not found, "git clone" is required
[INFO ] Executing command "git clone '/root/icingaweb2/' " in directory '/root'
[DEBUG ] stderr: Cloning into '/root/icingaweb2'...
[INFO ] Executing command 'git checkout v2.0.0-beta3 ' in directory '/root/icingaweb2/'
[DEBUG ] stderr: Note: checking out 'v2.0.0-beta3'.
You are in 'detached HEAD' state. You can look around, make experimental
changes and commit them, and you can discard any commits you make in this
state without impacting any branches by performing another checkout.
If you want to create a new branch to retain commits you create, you may
do so (now or later) by using -b with the checkout command again. Example:
git checkout -b new_branch_name
HEAD is now at ec60f15... Leave note about Upgrading to Icinga Web 2 Beta 3
[INFO ] Executing command 'git rev-parse HEAD' in directory '/root/icingaweb2/'
[DEBUG ] stdout: ec60f15f09e381f4c622088f16918bfb88e17fa0
[INFO ] Repository cloned to /root/icingaweb2/
[INFO ] {'new': '', 'revision': 'ec60f15f09e381f4c622088f16918bfb88e17fa0'}
[INFO ] Completed state [] at time 10:58:09.040698
[DEBUG ] File /var/cache/salt/minion/accumulator/139706775952912 does not exist, no need to cleanup.
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded highstate.output
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded nested.output
Function: git.latest
Result: True
Comment: Repository cloned to /root/icingaweb2/
Started: 10:57:59.967207
Duration: 9073.491 ms
Succeeded: 1 (changed=1)
Failed: 0
Total states run: 1
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