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Output of salt-call -l debug --local state.sls gitbug
[DEBUG ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/minion
[DEBUG ] Using cached minion ID from /etc/salt/minion_id: winslow
[DEBUG ] Configuration file path: /etc/salt/minion
[DEBUG ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/minion
[DEBUG ] The `dmidecode` binary is not available on the system. GPU grains will not be available.
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded jinja.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded yaml.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded jinja.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded yaml.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded state.sls
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded saltutil.is_running
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded grains.get
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded roots.envs
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad roots.init
[DEBUG ] Updating roots fileserver cache
[DEBUG ] Reading configuration from /etc/salt/minion
[DEBUG ] The `dmidecode` binary is not available on the system. GPU grains will not be available.
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded jinja.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded yaml.render
[INFO ] Loading fresh modules for state activity
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded jinja.render
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded yaml.render
[INFO ] Fetching file from saltenv 'base', ** skipped ** latest already in cache 'salt://gitbug.sls'
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded
[DEBUG ] Jinja search path: ['/var/cache/salt/minion/files/base']
[DEBUG ] Rendered data from file: /var/cache/salt/minion/files/base/gitbug.sls:
- rev: v2.0.0-beta3
- target: /root/icingaweb2/
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded config.get
[DEBUG ] Results of YAML rendering:
OrderedDict([('', OrderedDict([('git.latest', [OrderedDict([('rev', 'v2.0.0-beta3')]), OrderedDict([('target', '/root/icingaweb2/')])])]))])
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded
[DEBUG ] Error loading module.ipmi: No module named pyghmi.ipmi
[DEBUG ] Error loading module.tls: ['PyOpenSSL must be installed before this module can be used.']
[DEBUG ] Error loading module.nacl: libnacl import error, perhaps missing python libnacl package
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad xmpp.send_msg
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded lvs.get_rules
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded portage_config.get_missing_flags
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded layman.add
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded selinux.getenforce
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded win_path.rehash
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_iam.role_exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded ipset.version
[DEBUG ] Error loading states.ipmi: No module named pyghmi.ipmi
[DEBUG ] Registered VCS backend: git
[DEBUG ] Registered VCS backend: hg
[DEBUG ] Registered VCS backend: svn
[DEBUG ] Registered VCS backend: bzr
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad redis.set_key
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded reg.read_key
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_asg.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mysql.user_create
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_elb.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded win_dns_client.add_dns
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad docker.version
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad augeas.execute
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded chef.client
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded glusterfs.list_volumes
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded makeconf.get_var
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad ip.get_interface
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_cloudwatch.get_alarm
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded keystone.auth
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded memcached.status
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mongodb.user_exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded splunk_search.get
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded lvs.get_rules
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded rdp.enable
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mysql.query
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad apache.a2enmod
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad firewall.get_config
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad pkg.get_selections
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_secgroup.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mysql.db_exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_asg.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded eselect.exec_action
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded nftables.version
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_sqs.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded cyg.list
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded pecl.list
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_elasticache.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded mysql.grant_exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded zk_concurrency.lock
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded ps.pkill
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded boto_dynamodb.exists
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded
[DEBUG ] Could not LazyLoad git.mod_init
[INFO ] Running state [] at time 10:55:16.468304
[INFO ] Executing state git.latest for
[DEBUG ] target /root/icingaweb2/ is found, "git pull" is probably required
[INFO ] Executing command 'git rev-parse HEAD' in directory '/root/icingaweb2/'
[DEBUG ] stdout: ec60f15f09e381f4c622088f16918bfb88e17fa0
[INFO ] Executing command 'git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD' in directory '/root/icingaweb2/'
[DEBUG ] stdout: HEAD
[ERROR ] 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'
[INFO ] Completed state [] at time 10:55:16.477120
[DEBUG ] File /var/cache/salt/minion/accumulator/140370042351120 does not exist, no need to cleanup.
[DEBUG ] LazyLoaded highstate.output
Function: git.latest
Result: False
Comment: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'
Started: 10:55:16.468304
Duration: 8.816 ms
Succeeded: 0
Failed: 1
Total states run: 1
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