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Forked from LeaVerou/dabblet.css
Created January 4, 2012 16:16
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Lined paper that follows the text (by Lea Verou)
* Lined paper that follows the text (by Lea Verou)
* This was just so awesome I had to fork it.
/* Just decorative */
padding: 20px;
/* The font. Try changing font-size and see how the lines
still follow the text */
font: italic 200%/1.5 Baskerville, "Palatino Linotype", serif;
/* The "paper" color */
background-color: hsl(24, 10%, 90%);
/* The lines */
background-image: linear-gradient(hsla(210, 50%, 30%, .5) 1px, transparent 1px);
/* This makes the lines follow the text.
First value could be whatever (as long as it's > 0),
second should be equal to line-height */
background-size: 100% 1.5em;
/* If you have padding, this makes the background
offset according to it */
background-origin: content-box;
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