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Autocomplete Filenames in Sublime Text 2
import sublime, sublime_plugin, os, re
class FileNameComplete(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
def on_query_completions(self, view, prefix, locations):
completions = []
sel = view.sel()[0].a
if "string" in view.syntax_name(sel):
elif "./" in view.substr(sublime.Region(sel-3,sel)):
return []
this_file = view.file_name()
dir_len = this_file.rfind('/') #(for OSX)
if not dir_len > 0:
dir_len = this_file.rfind('\\') #(for Windows)
this_dir = this_file[:(dir_len + 1)] # + 1 for the '/'
this_dir += view.substr(view.extract_scope(sel-1)).replace('\"','') # strings are quoted
print this_dir
dir_files = os.listdir(this_dir)
for d in dir_files:
if not '.' in d:
d += '/'
return [(x, x) for x in list(set(completions))]

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amrelkerm Oct 21, 2017

where I bout this is the file?

where I bout this is the file?

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