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The Fabric Canon™

These mods are some of the key libraries and utilities for making mods. This list will be updated as more libmods are released.

Fabric API

Maven metadata URL GitHub last commit

Fabric API is almost mandatory for resource loading, and provides a lot of hooks to common mixin targets.


Maven metadata URL GitHub last commit

Silk adds, among other things, a library for FluidInstances for inventories to interact with.

NBT Crafting

JitPack GitHub last commit

NBT Crafting adds a system for interacting with NBT while making recipes, along with features like recipe remainders.


JitPack GitHub last commit

Towelette provides an interface to allow blocks to be filled with any fluid.

Ladder API

<no maven or jitpack> <no public repository>

Ladder API adds a tag to make blocks climbable.

Earl Gray

JitPack <gitlab badge coming soon>

Earl Gray adds a component system to store and access data on Entities.


Maven metadata URL GitHub last commit

Cotton adds libraries for config, logging, and material unification, as well as programmatic tag appending and global datapack loading.


Maven metadata URL GitHub last commit

LibBlockAttributes adds a Capability-like component system for item/fluid/etc. interaction between blocks.

Simple Multipart

Maven metadata URL GitHub last commit

Simple Multipart is a basic multipart system for Fabric.


JitPack GitHub last commit

Satin adds a manager for OpenGL shaders.

Multiblock API

JitPack GitHub last commit

Multiblock API is a library for constructs that take up multiple blockspaces, like doors or beds.


JitPack GitHub last commit

Crochet adds networking utilities, as well as an API for storing data on a player.

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