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@BoweFrankema BoweFrankema/discount-edd.php Secret
Created Jul 31, 2015

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Discount EDD
define( 'ENGWP_FORM_ID', 4 ); // The ID of the form (integer)
define( 'ENGWP_SOURCE_FIELD_ID', 10 ); // The ID of the form field holding the code (integer)
define( 'ENGWP_CODE_LENGTH', 12 ); // Length of code (integer)
define( 'ENGWP_CODE_CHARS', '1234567890QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM' ); // Available character for the code; default 0-9 and uppercase letters (string)
define( 'ENGWP_CODE_PREFIX', 'WFR' ); // Custom prefix for the code (string); default empty
define( 'ENGWP_DISCOUNT_TYPE', 'flat' ); // 'flat' or 'percent' (string)
define( 'ENGWP_DISCOUNT_AMOUNT', 10 ); // Value of discount (integer); $ if 'type' is 'flat' and % if 'type' is 'percent'
define( 'ENGWP_MAX_USES', 1 ); // Maximum number of uses per customer (integer)
define( 'ENGWP_MIN_PRICE', 0 ); // Minimum price for discount to apply (integer); default none
define( 'ENGWP_PRODUCT_REQS', '' ); // A comma-separated list of product IDs (string) the coupons apply to
define( 'ENGWP_REQS_CONDITION', 'any' ); // How to apply the discount to those products (string); accepts 'any' (at least one product ID must be in the cart) or 'all' (all products must be in the cart)
define( 'ENGWP_SINGLE_USE', 'use_once' ); // Whether the coupons generated can be used more than once by a single customer; default is set to one-time usage but can be set to false (boolean) for allowing multiple uses
define( 'ENGWP_EXCLUDE_PRODUCTS', '' ); // A comma-separated list of product IDs (string) to exclude from discount-applicability
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