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Last active December 13, 2019 23:11
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  • Wake display and open windows
  • If demo window is closed on wall mounted touch screen
    • Open chrome.
    • Navigate to region on label or add proper label.
  • Tap fullscreen icon in top right.
  • Tap play if view has timeline on the bottom.
  • Pinch and drag to center map (Updates very slowly on mounted touchscreens)
  • Leave window open.

Labels for touch screens

Labels can be updated and stored.

  • Tap box in top left.
  • Update title and or sub title.
  • Click store.
  • Re-center map on region.

Demo Links

Control Room


(iMac should airplay to mounted tv behind monitor)

Top Left:

Top Right:

Top Center (1):

Middle Center (2):

Middle Center (3):

Bottom Middle Center (4):

Finance Room

Surface: (Surface should chrome to mounted tv behind monitor, click three dot context menu and click cast this tab)

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