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Created Apr 15, 2021
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const N3 = require('n3');
* Return the description of the `term`.
* The description is:
* - the term itself if it is not a blank node
* - if it is a blank node, a list of every [predicate, object] for which
* there exists a (term, predicate, object) quad in the default graph of the
* store
* @param {N3.Store} store The store
* @param {*} term The term
* @returns An array with the informations about the term
function readInfo(store, term) {
if (term.termType == "BlankNode") {
const quads = store.getQuads(term, null, null, N3.DataFactory.defaultGraph());
return => [quad.predicate, readInfo(store, quad.object)]);
} else {
return term;
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