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Last active Mar 29, 2019

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" vim: filetype=vim
" This wipes all existing settings. This means that if a setting in this file
" is removed, then it will return to default. In other words, this file serves
" as an enforced single point of truth for Tridactyl's configuration.
sanitize tridactyllocal tridactylsync
" Just use a blank page for new tab. It would be nicer to use the standard
" Firefox homepage, but Tridactyl doesn't support this yet.
set newtab about:blank
" Use vim in tmux for editor.
set editorcmd terminal -e tmux -u new vim -S /home/andrew/.vim/tridactyl.vim
" Ctrl-F should use the browser's native 'find' functionality.
unbind <C-f>
" But also support Tridactyl search too.
bind / fillcmdline find
bind ? fillcmdline find -?
bind n findnext 1
bind N findnext -1
" Remove search highlighting.
bind ,<Space> nohlsearch
" Use sensitive case. Smart case would be nice here, but it doesn't work.
set findcase sensitive
" Smooth scrolling, yes please. This is still a bit janky in Tridactyl.
set smoothscroll true
" The default jump of 10 is a bit much.
bind j scrollline 5
bind k scrollline -5
" K and J should move between tabs. x should close them.
bind J tabprev
bind K tabnext
bind x tabclose
" Don't run Tridactyl on some web sites because it doesn't work well, or
" because the web site has its own keybindings.
autocmd DocStart mode ignore
" Sometimes the status bar in the bottom left corner overlaps the Tridactyl
" command line, so set an option to move the status bar to the right.
guiset_quiet hoverlink right
" Set up some shortcuts for running custom scripts.
bind zz composite jsb'cat /home/andrew/.config/tridactyl/rustdoc-condensed.js') | js -p eval(JS_ARG.content)
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