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Created Sep 10, 2019

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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am buzz-tea on github.
* I am buzz_tea ( on keybase.
* I have a public key ASCh64xb-LgTQKG-xliLND_s3ZZ4D455CyEHeHZyogMkvAo
To claim this, I am signing this object:
"body": {
"key": {
"eldest_kid": "0120a1eb8c5bf8b81340a1bec6588b343fecdd96780f8e790b2107787672a20324bc0a",
"host": "",
"kid": "0120a1eb8c5bf8b81340a1bec6588b343fecdd96780f8e790b2107787672a20324bc0a",
"uid": "3aa9896d9a57e3d81caef20d220cbb19",
"username": "buzz_tea"
"merkle_root": {
"ctime": 1568075443,
"hash": "5ac7343179995028fc5e1a5de6177da2dcfed24cfd50cc157bc5d845dbdaf55651af7165e04a1faf215d4faa09ac4f73f327d11d35540eba6dc6479cd60bbba5",
"hash_meta": "281c8ac0f9d8e96d0127394480dfbbbb0bd760c3c420fcfe1883014b4de81d54",
"seqno": 6277811
"service": {
"entropy": "OHvPtSzQ54ihe77qb9AIVSiN",
"name": "github",
"username": "buzz-tea"
"type": "web_service_binding",
"version": 2
"client": {
"name": " go client",
"version": "4.4.0"
"ctime": 1568075450,
"expire_in": 504576000,
"prev": "9d630e77fc115efe15a65eec4fd85e2d852392e1375f6479d4df5a2e510fb766",
"seqno": 26,
"tag": "signature"
with the key [ASCh64xb-LgTQKG-xliLND_s3ZZ4D455CyEHeHZyogMkvAo](, yielding the signature:
And finally, I am proving ownership of the github account by posting this as a gist.
### My publicly-auditable identity:
### From the command line:
Consider the [keybase command line program](
# look me up
keybase id buzz_tea
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