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@C5OK5Y /PKGBUILD.patch secret

Patch for <>, apply with `patch PKGBUILD < PKGBUILD.patch`.
@@ -15,35 +15,13 @@
-source=("${pkgname_real}.desktop" "${pkgname_real}.sh" "launch_${pkgname_real}.sh")
+source=("${pkgname_real}.desktop" "${pkgname_real}.sh" "launch_${pkgname_real}.sh" "hib://${pkgname_real}-${pkgver}.tar.gz")
- '3ddbced3bc9b8661f1c381d7464e55f0')
+ '3ddbced3bc9b8661f1c381d7464e55f0'
+ '723815846d4cc3f68604b94c055a775c')
-if [[ $CARCH == x86_64 ]]; then
- _gamepkg="${pkgname_real}-${pkgver}.tar.gz"
- _gamepkg="${pkgname_real}-${pkgver}.tar.gz"
-build() {
- cd ${srcdir}
- msg "You need a full copy of this game in order to install it"
- msg "Searching for ${_gamepkg} in dir: \"$startdir\""
- pkgpath=$startdir
- if [[ ! -f "$startdir/${_gamepkg}" ]]; then
- error "Game package not found, please type absolute path to ${_gamepkg} (/home/joe):"
- read pkgpath
- if [[ -f "${pkgpath}/${_gamepkg}" ]]; then
- ln -fs "${pkgpath}/${_gamepkg}" .
- else
- error "Unable to find game package."
- return 1
- fi
- fi
- msg "Found game package, installing..."
- tar xzf "${pkgpath}/${_gamepkg}"
+DLAGENTS+=('hib::/usr/bin/echo "Could not find %u. Manually download it to \"$(pwd)\", or set up a hib:// DLAGENT in /etc/makepkg.conf."; exit 1')
cd ${srcdir}
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