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Learning SecOps At Home

Using Your Home for Security Operations

  1. Get a Router that can at least do SysLogs and then do more advanced features like DPI, Etc
  1. Get Logging setup
  • Raspberry Pi with syslog on it
  • Local Splunk Server (500MB/day Free) with Splunk forwarder installed on the syslog server
  • Sumologic (500MB/Day Free) with SumoCollector installed on the syslog server Note: The reason not to send the logs directly to the Splunk/Sumo is:
    • So that's in a neutral place
    • Forensically sound
    • RAW retention and archiving policy
  1. Install Agent on your Home Machines and gather Logs
  • Sumologic Collector for MacOS or Windows (easiest)
  • Splunk Agent
  • Osquery
  1. Analyze your logs
  • Log in to Splunk/Sumo
  • Learn syntax
  • Search and exlpore your network. IP Addresses, DNS Requests, sort by high AND low count (one offs are interesting), Make a map

More Advanced:

  • Collect Netflow data
  • Setup home DNS server and log DNS queries
  • Setup an AWS or GCP account and learn how to collect logs from there.

Note: Not everything is free on AWS or GCP, beware of accuring charges. Contact support if you accidentally go over.

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