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Windows Firewalls you should't use [2017 Edition]
* WFC from binisoft - works well for most users, doesn't support DNSCrypt/Unbound because it's based on Windows own WFP/WF which requires DNS running (besides this it works well)
* Windows 10 Firewall from sphinx - Worth the money, works even with DNSCrypt and Unbound
* Comodo Firewall - Free and works, it comes with useful features which is more an all-in-one solution than a simple firewall - well it does it's job
* Windows own integrated firewall - good enough and free no performance hits
* Other paid solutions like Kaspersky Internet Security are also okay to go
Instead of using a firewall GUI for Windows you could use a better hardware NAT or a Rasperri Pi with PFsense/OpenSense/iptables/OpenWRT (iptables)/...
* TinyWall - developer seems to gave up on his products, no response or fixes
* GlassWire - it's more a network traffic analyzer rather than a firewall (some features are only avbl. in the paid versions)
* Firewall App Blocker - bugged as hell, the developer refuses to fix urgent bugs
* Anti DDoS Guardian 3.4 - Is this a firewall? No one knows, there horrible memoy leaks in this product since years
* Jetico Personal Firewall - last updated 2015, you should't use it unless the developer picksup the development
* Blaser Software - RDP Sentinel - ^^
* DefenseWall Personal Firewall - sadly outdated tool too, it could be a good wall when it regularly would get some updates to merge Windows 10 changes on WFP
* SimpleWall - The developer has no clue from coding, closes valid issue tickets and refuse to integrate features which helps to productive use the UI
* Windows Firewall Console - Never worked great and seems to be obsolete
* Defenx Security Suite - More a spy blocker and filter than a firewall, bugged
* Freedom ME - the logo stands for the bug within the product
* Privatefirewall - sadly not maintained anymore, was a good choice
* Online Armor Free - has huge problems with Windows 8 and 10 (outdated)
* Hauberk Firewall - ^^
* fireBwall - ^^
* Sygate Personal Firewall Free - was a powerfull wall but outdated and bugged
* Internet Firewall - Can cause massive crashes
* Firewall Fortify - XP times are over buddy
* SecurWall - Nothing is secure
* .. there tons more to list but this is just a short overview

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7wgs0gr04v commented Aug 20, 2017



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CHEF-KOCH commented Sep 1, 2017

I tested ESET and Kaspersky IS firewalls and there not bad, I remember years ago they had huge troubles with the Windows Interface, which means they not integrated well within the system. This seems to be fixed now.

They are both very 'professional' and they successfully pass the firewall leak test. To be honest I prefer (if you asking me personally) the ESET firewall because it takes (same like the AV engine) overall less system resources - this is due the fact that some core functions in Eset are written in assembly (ASM).

However, if you want a real alternative to the integrated Windows 10 Firewall I can (right now) only suggest:

  • Eset / Kaspersky Firewall
  • Windows 10 Firewall (sphinx .. sadly their business plan is BS, cause you get a lifetime license but 'major' upgrades aren't included which means on bigger changes you need to buy another license e.g. upgrade from let's say v14 -> v15 which is really a no-go in my opinion).
  • WFC (binisoft)
  • Comodo Firewall
  • .. and that's it, I can't test all Firewall's but I recommend these (well WFC itself is just another GUI for Windows own firewall but here I count this as separate product).

One point on my tests are that they need to work with DNSCrypt + Unbound, sadly WFC has problems with DNSCrypt, because the Windows own firewall is depending on MS own 'DNS Client', which means you have to enable it in order to properly use it, otherwise you might not recipe all events, it not logs everything correctly and and and. I already contacted the developer via wilderssecurity forum and the said, it can't be fixed.


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zezaku commented Sep 26, 2017

Privatefirewall - sadly not maintained anymore, was a good choice.
Looks up to date here


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biorpg commented Jul 14, 2018

I've used SimpleWall for a year now, it works great and has had several useful updates in the past couple months.


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pylorak commented Jul 19, 2019

TinyWall got updated. There was simply no need to update until Win10 v1903 came out. Disclaimer: I'm the developer.

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