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* Jquery Mapael - Dynamic maps jQuery plugin (based on raphael.js)
* Requires jQuery and raphael.js
* Map of Canadian Provinces
* Lambert Conformal conic projection
* @author Ryan Jarvis
* @source
from __future__ import print_function
with open("/Users/work/man_ls.txt") as a_man_page:
for each_line in a_man_page:
skip_next = False
underline = False
for each_char in each_line:
if skip_next and underline:
print(each_char, end="")
skip_next = False
undeline = False
Cabalist /
Created Nov 20, 2011
Python LS request
import requests #
headers = {'User-Agent': "", 'X-PAPPID': "private-id-goes-here"}
r = requests.get('https://localhost:9630/api/invoices/', headers=headers, auth=("USERNAME", "PASSWORD"))
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulStoneSoup as BSS
soup = BSS(r.content)
invoices = []
for x in soup.findAll('invoice'):
invoices.append(dict((, t.text) for t in x.findAll(True)))